Boy’s ear problems had rare cause: gut disease

Editorial:  A great percentage of diseases begin in the gut; unfortunately, modern medicine overlooks this fact. (It normally takes a blatant example, such as in this article, to make any kind of connection for them.  Yet thankfully for some of us, there are open-minded, well-researched M.D.s who make this knowledge an integral part of their medical practice.) Even in children, the American diet destroys good gut bacteria while proliferating the harmful kind. Among other things, leaky gut syndrome then follows, severely compromising the immune system. Natural methods are easily available to put the bowels back into good health while reversing a host of body, physical disorders.

A 10-year-old boy in North Carolina suffered from ear pain and hearing problems for years before doctors were finally able to crack the case: He did not have an ear condition after all, but an underlying disease in the gut.  “It was like swimmer’s ear gone crazy,” Raynor said. “He was really miserable.” The boy was also being treated for the skin condition psoriasis, and had skin lesions on his scalp and other parts of his body.