Are nail salon UV lamps a skin cancer risk?

Many nail salons use ultraviolet lamps, which utilize the same hazardous rays as tanning beds to dry nail polish.  But a new study
suggests that it would take multiple manicures for these lamps to cause significant damage.

“I wouldn’t tell a patient to stop going unless they were going multiple times a month,” lead author Dr. Lyndsay Shipp from Georgia
Regents University in Augusta told Reuters Health.


Why avoiding sunshine could kill you

Women who never sunbathe during the summer are twice as likely to die than those who sunbathe everyday, a major study has shown.

New research, which followed nearly 30,000 women over 20 years, suggests that women who stay out of the sun are at increased risk of skin melanomas and are twice as likely to die from any cause, including cancer.






Shocking video reveals what the sun really does to your skin

A video posted on YouTube sheds new light on the effects of not wearing sunscreen, reported.  With over 10 million views, “How the Sun Sees You” shows people stepping in front of a special ultraviolet light camera that reveals hidden sun damage.  Many of those who approach the camera appear to have healthy skin, and are shocked to see the amount of freckles, wrinkles and dark spots on their faces.