Tweet a lot? Then you’re probably SELF-OBSESSED: Narcissists use Twitter the most because they crave approval

We all know someone who tweets about the minute details of their life every 10 minutes and now new research suggests that are displaying narcissistic tendencies.

U.S. researchers claim narcissists tweet more often than others and crave followers on Twitter to meet their need for approval.

They also found that narcissists update their Facebook status more regularly and vain adults prefer to post content on Facebook, rather than Twitter.




New Study Says Divorce Can Be Contagious

Forget about the flu that has been going around – there is something else that is contagious and could put your marriage in jeopardy.  As CBS 2’s Tracee Carrasco reported, a study from Brown University suggested that divorce is contagious, and the divorce of a friend or loved-one increases your chances of getting divorced, too.

The study, conducted in Framingham, Mass., found that 75 percent of participants were more likely to get divorced if a friend was divorced, and 33 percent were more likely to end their marriage even if a friend of a friend got divorced.


Facebook’s secret psychology experiment on users’ emotions

Editorial:  Interesting findings along with Facebook’s (and other big boys’) ability (& desire) to keep watch on all of us—not only for economic reasons but political as well.

Facebook altered the tone of the users’ news feed to highlight either positive or negative posts from their friends, which were seen on their news feed.  They then monitored the users’ response, to see whether their friends’ attitude had an impact on their own.  “The results show emotional contagion,” wrote a team of Facebook scientists, in a paper published by the PNAS journal – Proceedings of the National Academy of Scientists of the United States.