Woman’s missing cerebellum went unnoticed for 24 years

Doctors in China were surprised to find that a young woman who had lived a normal life for more than two decades was actually missing an important part of her brain, according to a new report of her case.
The 24-year-old’s strange condition was discovered when she went to doctors because of a month-long bout of nausea and vomiting. The patient told the doctors she had also experienced dizziness her entire life. She didn’t start walking until she was four and had never been able to walk steadily.

High-normal uric acid linked with cognitive impairment

Editorial:  Wishing it wasn’t so, few medical practitioners (including physicians, M.D.s, etc.) know how to adequately and properly interpret most blood tests.  They basically repeat what they’ve been (superficially) taught or told (and usually from drug makers/ Big Pharma, etc.), rather than researching the issues themselves.  Therefore, what’s passed along is usually for the benefit primarily of the conveyor/ spokesperson  of information, not the patient. Also, the results and their ratings are based upon the masses of people, the 90% of the population, who as a whole are quite ‘unhealthy’—obviously as a result of unhealthy dietary habits, etc. 

Conversely, the few wise medical people, search for and find the narrow, truly healthy range of blood measurements; they then pass along to their patients how to naturally/ nutritionally achieve those optimal results. The study below is just another example of this whole scenario.  Yet the main point for passing along this info to you, is that uric acid levels (and BUN levels) far lower than the range provided herein, also cause major health/ mental issues. At least this data in the link can get us all to realize the cause and effect of abnormal blood level readings—especially as they to pertain aspects of healthy brain and kidney function.

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins and Yale university medical schools have found that a simple blood test to measure uric acid, a measure of kidney function, might reveal a risk factor for cognitive problems in old age. Of 96 community-dwelling adults aged 60 to 92 years, those with uric-acid levels at the high end of the normal range had the lowest scores on tests of mental processing speed, verbal memory and working memory.

Teen emerges from coma fluent in German

A bizarre tale from Croatia: The Daily Mail and the Telegraph are reporting that a 13-year-old girl emerged from a 24-hour coma unable to speak her native Croatian but fluent in German. The girl reportedly had basic lessons in German before falling ill and had been watching German TV programs, but she was nowhere near fluent. Now her family needs an interpreter to communicate with her.

English-speaking man wakes up from coma speaking fluent Mandarin

When Ben McMahon went into a coma after a car crash, he spoke English; when he woke up, he spoke only fluent Mandarin. Although the Australian man had taken Mandarin in high school, he was never fluent, and doctors are still trying to figure out exactly why he completely lost the ability to speak his native language—his English skills did eventually return—and suddenly became the “best non-native speaker” his Mandarin pals had ever heard, the Independent Journal Review reports.